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Our Method

The Best Spoken English Course Available


One student said, "I raised my TOEFL score from  60 / 70  to  121 / 115  in ten weeks."


You want to SPEAK English.   Instead, with ESL / EFL lessons, you write sentences. You memorize rules of English grammar. You spell English words. You spend many hours "studying" English, but you are discouraged because you cannot SPEAK English.

SPOKEN ENGLISH LEARNED QUICKLY can change your discouragement into success.


When you study English for an hour using this course, you will SPEAK English for an hour! Your entire study is done by SPEAKING correct English. You will study using the same SPOKEN English you need when you take a TOEFL exam, interview for a job, apply to a university, or ask for help at an office.

Most students using this course learn to speak English in half the time it would require if they studied using ESL or EFL lessons.

 See why this FREE course is "The Best Spoken English Course Available."


  • This is a self-study course. Free English Now supplies enough spoken English exercises on audio recordings so that the average student can speak English two hours each day at home for nine months.

  • All audio lessons are provided in either American or British accent.

  • The first lesson can be used by a student who does not speak any English, yet it is complete enough so that even an advanced student will learn much about English pronunciation.

  • From Lesson 2 to the end, even the advanced student will need to work diligently to complete the exercises, yet the lessons are not too difficult for the beginning student.

  • The course includes a word-for-word written text for all recorded lessons.

  • All recordings allow enough time between phrases so that the answer can be given without stopping the computer or phone.

  • The course introduces 1,923 vocabulary words including 568 verbs.

  • This course includes the most complete English verb exercises that are available in any spoken English course because English students have the most difficulty with verbs.

  • Free English Now is used for both beginning and advanced students. Only one course is needed because normal spoken English is not divided into simple or difficult sentences. Both beginning and advanced students will learn to speak English best by studying with normal English sentences.*

  • We designed Free English Now so that it would cost you the least amount of money to use.  

English grammar and writing require Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced lessons. But everyday spoken English is not divided into different levels of difficulty. Every student must learn to speak using the same sentences. Of course, the student who has studied English for several years will know more vocabulary. However, both advanced students and beginning students must practice spoken English using the same sentences. Both need to learn to pronounce English so that it sounds natural to a native English-speaker. 

Free English Now really works!  It is used by both beginning and advanced students. See why our students learn to speak English in half the time as compared with typical ESL / EFL students.

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